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Boca Juniors star on verge of Milan move

Rodrigo Bentancur may be a much needed addition for Milan's struggling midfield.

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Rodrigo Bentancur is set to go to Milan according to various reports. Milan is very optimistic that the deal will go through after having offered 15 million euros to Boca Juniors.

The 19 year old Uruguayan midfielder looks keen to join Milan, but Juventus have the option to purchase the player for €9.4 million as part of the Tevez deal that occurred last year. However, it looks as though Juventus are not interested in exercising that option, leaving the path open for Milan to purchase the player.

The young midfielder has already been linked with other top teams such as Arsenal and Benfica, but it looks as though Milan will grab him with the funds Berlusconi made available for the purchase of a midfielder. Boca Junior's Vice President has said that they'll most likely have to let Bentancur go if the offer presented is above €10 million which Milan's offer seems to be.

The next few days will be vital in determining whether Bentancur goes to the Rossoneri, but it looks good. Milan fans will be cautious though as they know all too well what it feels like to have a "sure signing" sign with another club.