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We're looking for new Milan bloggers! ACMO is now recruiting!

Like Milan, blogging and writing? Look no further!

Marco Luzzani/Getty Images

The AC Milan Offside is looking to add to its staff, and that means we're looking for you! Do you like Milan? Do you like to write? Would you like to write about Milan? Then we'd like to have you on the team! If you're interested, fill out the application below!

We're looking for creative writers and content creators with a passion for Milan, who are willing to work with our existing editorial staff to help make this site better and drive it towards a bright future. We're able to give you a huge platform for your content and writing. For now any positions we fill are unpaid, but if you prove that you're capable of doing more, then a paid spot on the staff is a good possibility in the future.  If you think you're the right person for the task, fill out the application and we'll see what happens.