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Are Milan set to forge an unlikely link with Wolves following their takeover?

Chinese group set to takeover the reigns of AC Milan are also in talks with the takeover of another club, this time an English Championship side.

Marco Luzzani/Getty Images

The Chinese consortium that are set to gain control of AC Milan also seem intent on moving into English Football.

The group, led by billionaire Robin Li, are set to purchase the Serie A club for around £350 million and would give them a 70% stake in the club. Berlusconi effectively confirmed the sale two days ago. Li, who owns the Chinese search company Baidu is the 4th richest man in China (according to Forbes) and could soon take the reigns over two clubs.

Current (soon-to-be-previous) owner of Wolverhampton Wanderers, or more commonly referred to as 'Wolves', Steve Morgan, is looking to sell his 100% shareholding of the club. Morgan has owned the club for 8 years, and the sale of the club has attracted the attention of several people.

One of these is Robin Li. It was thought that if Li and the rest of the Chinese consortium were unable to complete the purchase of Milan, which was a possibility with Berlusconi's track record, then they would direct their interest to the Wolves. Instead, it appears as if they are trying to complete the takeover of two clubs, both AC Milan and Wolverhampton.

The attraction of European Football has intensified for the Chinese since Dr Tony Xia took ownership of Aston Villa in May.

Adding Milan and Wolverhampton to Li's portfolio would boost interest across China, and with the success of the Thai owned Leicester, there is renewed interest in the smaller clubs of England.

Taking ownership of two clubs has worked for owners in the past. The Pozzo Family own Watford FC, as well as Udinese and Granada, and it isn't uncommon for players from one of the teams to spend a loan season or transfer to another.

First things first, however, and that's the completion of the sale of Milan to the consortium.