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Has the sale of AC Milan just been confirmed?

AC Milan v Juventus FC - TIM Cup Final Photo by Giuseppe Bellini/Getty Images

During World War Two, a common saying between Americans during wartime was that “loose lips sink ships”. Basically, don’t run your mouth because your chatter could help the enemy out.

Berlusconi isn’t one for rules though. AC Milan’s owner pretty much announced the sale of the club the second he was discharged from hospital.

"I leave Milan to people from whom I have demanded an investment of 400 million in two years," - Sky Sports

If that’s true, Berlusconi has made an absolute steal. He’s run the club poorly, leaves a poor infrastructure and a patch-work playing squad behind. 400 million Euros for a job badly done is just a perfect statement of our world right now. But enough of that. Milan have a solid new manager and are targeting sensible players to rebuild the team.

In a sense, there is hope.

Sky reports that the agreement for the sale will be signed on the 12th of July meaning Milan might make some waves in the mercato sometime around the 20th of July.