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The sale of Milan hits another stumbling block

The sale has been delayed for over two months now.

Marco Luzzani/Getty Images

The sale of A.C. Milan has been delayed another two weeks, according to La Repubblica. This is common news by now to Milan fans, who are exhausted by the constant delays and problems that have plagued the sale of the club.

Milan fans, like myself, are done with these obnoxious delays. According to various sources, there are bureaucratic problems in China which have led to yet another round of delays. €30 million have already been lost, due to sponsors not renewing their contract due to the current ownership situation, and our mercato is completely blocked, with Bacca refusing to join both West Ham and Barcelona.

At this rate, the sale may not even go through by the end of the transfer window, leaving us with the same squad plus Lapadula and Vangioni. Even if it does go through, Wu may only invest €15 million in the market, not nearly enough to secure a spot in European football.

It is unacceptable that Milan are not able to complete a simple sale of the club when our main rivals, Inter, has switched hands twice in the last two years with no fuss. Without the insertion of much-needed funds, Montella will have to work with what he's got, a mediocre squad with major problems in the midfield and defense.

We are done sitting around, waiting for something, anything to happen to Milan. We want a sale.