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Milan look to snatch Martin Caceres from Juventus

Could Milan add Caceres to their defense?

Valerio Pennicino/Getty Images

Martin Caceres could very well be heading to Milan on a free transfer, something that is becoming very familiar to Milan fans in the last couple of years. Martin Caceres, the twenty-nine year old Uruguayan is looking to leave Juventus after receiving very little first-team play, notching only 449 minutes for the Bianconeri last season.

Capable of playing both as a fullback and a central defender, Caceres could serve as the backup for the potential duo of Musacchio and Romagnoli or cover for De Sciglio and Abate. This would be the second signing at 'parametro zero' after Milan acquired Leonel Vangioni from River Plate. The player is requesting a biennial contract at €2.5 million a year, similar to Musacchio's demands.

Caceres was previously linked heavily to Roma, some even saying that the deal was done, but Caceres recently denied those rumors, stating that he was not going to Roma. According to Gianluca DiMarzio, the two interested parties are Milan and Fiorentina.

Caceres would be a great signing for the Rossoneri on a free transfer, helping to strengthen the defense and increase the depth of the roster. We'll see how the situation progresses.