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Who will Milan be playing this season?

Will the Rossoneri be able to qualify for European football this year?

Marco Luzzani/Getty Images

The Serie A draw took place yesterday, with all 38 match ups being determined. Here they are:

Week 1: Torino (H)

Week 2: Napoli (A)

Week 3: Udinese (H)

Week 4: Sampdoria (A)

Week 5: Lazio (H)

Week 6: Fiorentina (A)

Week 7: Sassuolo (H)

Week 8: Chievo (A)

Week 9: Juventus (H)

Week 10: Genoa (A)

Week 11: Pescara (H)

Week 12: Palermo (A)

Week 13: Inter (H)

Week 14: Empoli (A)

Week 15: Crotone (H)

Week 16: Roma (A)

Week 17: Atalanta (H)

Week 18: Bologna (A)

Week 19: Cagliari (H)

Weeks 20-38: Same matchups as 1-19 with the home team switching.

The season starts with a relatively easy match against Torino. In the second match, Milan faces a much bigger test at Napoli. Some other notable matchups include Juventus in Week 9, Inter in Week 13, and Roma in Week 16. Similar to last season, Milan has an easy finish to the season, playing Atalanta, Bologna, and Cagliari.