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What has happened to A.C. Milan?

Chris Cole/Getty Images

Milan, the club we know and love, is becoming unrecognizable. Compared to A.C. Milan's glory days with the Dutch Trio consisting of Rijkaard, Van Basten, and Gullit, and the impenetrable defense of Baresi, Costacurta, and Maldini, the current roster could be reserves.

It's time for a change in A.C. Milan's management. Berlusconi may have done some great things for the club, but our current situation is unacceptable. The sale to the Chinese was supposed to bring a new era of dominance to Milan, but it is still unclear if it will even happen.

Our market is blocked without the sale of Bacca or the signing of the preliminary agreement, and we are being linked with mediocre players such as Sosa and Pavoletti. Milan must look to invest in the future. We already have some of the most prodigious young players in Donnarumma, Romagnoli, and De Sciglio. Milan is simply not good enough to attract the players they need to win the Serie A.

Pjaca, an extremely talented midfielder for Dinamo Zagreb, chose to go to Juventus for the opportunity to play in the Champions League. The midfield and the defense must be fixed.

Milan will not be the former Champions League winning team in the next few years, but if the sale of the club goes through, it will get closer.