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Who is the man behind AC Milan's takeover?

Will the Milan sale finally go through? We'll have to wait and see.

Kevin Frayer/Getty Images

New updates are in on the sale of A.C. Milan. Despite previous reports linking Robin Li of Baidu to Milan, it seems as though there may be a new investor on the fronts. Bloomberg reports that Sonny Wu is the man behind the takeover.

Sonny Wu is the owner of private equity firm, GSR Capital, and he reportedly values the club at around 825 million dollars. Various reports suggest that Berlusconi has given his final ok to the deal; the deal taking place sometime next week. GSR Capital has been scouting the purchase of the club for two years now, and they decided to take the initiative when the deal with Mr. Bee fell through.

The news is nothing new for Milan fans, with new reports coming out practically daily, one even stating that Mr. Bee had come back with another bid. Any sale would be welcomed at this point; Milan fans wanting to unlock the market and improve the squad.

If the deal were to go through, the full ownership of A.C. Milan would go out of Berlusconi's hands, the majority going to GSR Capital with the remainder scattered throughout other smaller investors. Both Milan clubs would be under Chinese ownership, after Suning acquired Inter this June.

Let's hope for the best!