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Milan looking to swoop on Kovacic opening

The Rossoneri are in another battle with Liverpool, this time over Real Madrid youngster, Mateo Kovacic.

Denis Doyle/Getty Images

Real Madrid could be looking to loan away Mateo Kovacic after the probable arrival of Andre Gomes from Sevilla. The 22-year-old midfielder, purchased from Inter last year, would be a good addition to strengthen Milan’s weak midfield.

However, this would be solely a loan, with no option to buy, as Real Madrid want to keep the youngster in their clutches. Overall, it would greatly help Milan’s midfield, and it would be especially gratifying to see him score a few goals against his former club and main rivals Inter.

Milan are not alone, however, as Liverpool are also scouting the terrain. The two have already dueled over other midfielder Piotr Zielinski, who looks to be coming to Milan after the market is unblocked.

We’ll update you on the deal as news keeps coming in, but let’s hope that we will emerge victorious as we did with Zielinski.