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Milan should cash in on Bacca

Milan would be wise to sell Carlos Bacca even though he's one of their best players.

Marco Luzzani/Getty Images

With Carlos Bacca seemingly edging closer and closer to a Milan exit by the day, there has been an audible groan from fans and pundits alike over Milan's apparent willingness to lose him after just one season. While it's certainly reasonable to want Milan to hang onto their good players, there's a good case to be made that Milan should move Bacca along.

The most important reason why Milan should sell Bacca is because of his age. The Colombian striker is set to turn 30 before the season ends, and if Milan want to cash in on Bacca they must do it now.  With Bacca rumoured to be sold for €30 million it would hardly be a bad piece of business for Milan. If this were to occur Milan essentially would've gained a 20 goal season out of Bacca for the price of his wages alone. If Milan are able to break even on an ageing Bacca and reinvest his transfer fee on younger players, then they should do exactly that.

In addition, Bacca may not be the ideal striker to play for Montella. There have been rumors that the new manager wants a more multi-dimensional striker, as opposed to Bacca who is a pure poacher that is almost useless outside of the box. Milan already have M'Baye Niang, the newly signed Gianluca Lapadula, and Luiz Adriano. If Bacca were to stay put Milan would have 4 strikers vying for one spot. In selling Bacca, Milan would be selling the oldest of their strikers and the one who would fetch the largest fee in return.

When you assess and evaluate Milan's depth chart it's fairly obvious that one of their strikers must go, and Bacca is the best option.  ot only is he an ageing commodity whose value will only decrease, he's a less than ideal fit for Montella's system and he would bring back the highest fee. Based on these key reasons Milan should cut Bacca loose, and we're not even talking about how willing the Colombian seems to want to leave the Rossoneri. Milan should thank Bacca for his great season last year, and swiftly show him the door.