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The new Milan away kit has been revealed!

Milan’s new away shirt has been revealed to the world by German designers - Adidas.

It’s a pretty nice kit, but I’m a bit disappointed that Adidas haven’t placed the three stripes under the arms of the shirt to give it a clean look. I also like Milan’s home strip, but there’s honestly nothing you can do to reinvigorate the classic design and it will always look amazing.

Adidas are running with the campaign slogan ‘First never follows’ or ‘Milan never follows’, which is awesome but totally incorrect. Until Silvio leaves, the Rossoneri will follow every single club in the world that is better run than them.

Milan are continuing with the Fly Emirates deal and the sponsor remains on their shirts for this season.

That being said the new shirt is available to purchase now and you can expect it to retail for more money than you have available to you. Such is modern life.