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Milan should do everything they can to sign Christian Benteke

Manchester United v Liverpool - UEFA Europa League Round of 16: Second Leg Photo by Clive Brunskill/Getty Images

I’m an Aston Villa fan, I hold a season ticket in the grandest stand in Europe and I’m coming to Milan to spread the good word of Christian Benteke.

Liverpool signed the Belgian striker last summer for around £32 million and all some the fans of that particular club have done is moan about how poor he is.

I cannot being to even understand how they’ve come to that conclusion about a man who single handedly dragged Aston Villa to Premier League safety every single time he was asked to. Now Benteke did struggle at Liverpool, but he was poorly utilised, constantly criticised by both the fans and his manager, and wasn’t given the freedom or supply he needed to thrive at Anfield.

I’m asking you to believe me and trust me on this. Why? I’ve seen each and every single one of his eighty-nine games for Aston Villa and each and everyone single goal out of the forty-two he has scored. Aston Villa don’t boast the talent of this current Liverpool side, a side who have refused to service Benteke, a player who is capable of running away each and every season as the Premier League’s top scorer.

So yeah, when I say that Benteke is the real deal, I think I’m more than qualified to have that opinion.

Christian is a bit better when he’s on the end of a high ball, if you give him crosses, he can score.

I mean, just supply him and he will score.

And those are the goals he has scored recently. Here’s all of his efforts for Aston Villa.

Yes. All of them.

So, with Carlos Bacca potentially moving to Atletico Madrid, perhaps the sane thing to do would be to knock on Liverpool’s door with all the cash and demand Benteke?