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The sale of AC Milan might have hit the rocks

Milan Fans

AC Milan won’t be officially sold for another two weeks report Football Italia.

This is pretty bad news for the Rossoneri, as any moves made in the mercato this summer will likely have to wait until after the club is sold.

That is, if Milan are sold at all.

Milan were set to be traded away to a Chinese Consortium on the 15th of July, These businessmen or women remain unknown to the public and the Gazzetta dello Sport are pretty confident that the sale won’t go through this week.

‘Although there were discussions to have everything finalised on either Sunday, Tuesday, or Thursday, it seems that the vital paperwork won’t be completed before July 15 and an official announcement from the club will probably take place the week after.’ - Gazzetta.

We’ve heard that one before, haven’t we. The postponement is nothing to do with Mr Bee’s return, as the sale of Milan has been agreed between Berlusconi and the Chinese group.

This isn’t a major worry right now, but Milan will almost certainly miss out on signing Marko Pjaca because of the uncertainty surrounding the team. Let’s hope that is the only player Milan fail to sign because of this mess.