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Is it a blessing that Zlatan refused to return to Milan?

Despite Ibrahimovic seeming like a great signing for Milan, in reality, the opposite is true.

AC Milan v Novara Calcio  - Serie A Photo by Claudio Villa/Getty Images

Wow. That was a close call. Thank god Zlatan Ibrahimovic never came back to Milan!

Wait. What?

Well, the 34 year old striker would have brought more harm than good - don't be deceived by the his powerful leadership qualities or countless goals and assists; in fact Zlatan would have literally and symbolically brought Milan down.

For starters, Zlatan is a symbol of the past. After many successful years with Milan he decided to depart to PSG. This move sparked the inevitable fall of the Rossonori and Adriano Galliani and Silvio Berlusconi attempting to fill the squad with over-the-hill players. This is also when Milan started to cling on to its successful history in an attempt to justify its situation. If Zlatan did come to Milan it further illustrates the fact that Milan is clinging on to its past. Milan is in a new era. They must acknowledge the past but move on and build a successful future.

The next two reasons are less metaphorical. Ibrahimovic is being paid 200,000 euros a week at Manchester United, a team who might not even use him often. This would not exactly help Milan's payroll even with the incoming investment. Also, one should not doubt Ibrahimovic’s capabilities as a player, but how many more years can Zlatan play at such high of a level? He's not exactly the best investment. Is he?

Milan must be wise this transfer season and bring in high quality young players that could rejuvenate Milan and build another successful era. Maybe the next Zlatan, just not the current one.