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AC Milan have a brand new website and it looks awesome!

Don’t worry fans, AC Milan hasn’t been sold (yet)!

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On Thursday night AC Milan’s official website went down for several hours and if you tried to go on you could only see a black screen, Milan’s logo and a mysterious “Coming soon” written in Times New Roman.

This change was so unexpected that it was too easy to think that something huge could be happening behind the scenes or maybe that there would be a big announcement on Friday morning? Had the club officially been sold to the Chinese group? Or had they made an incredible move on the transfer market?

None of those two things, unfortunately. They just had to finalize their new visual layout and graphics for the updated version of the club’s website. However, the site really looks good and it’s incredibly better than the old one both in terms of responsiveness and graphical realization.

Maybe this is the just the first small step towards the big changes that milanisti are waiting for or maybe we just can’t wait for that to happen anymore.