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Are the two Milan clubs on the verge of a takeover?

Inter and Milan set to be locked in a high-stakes, big money 'foreverwar' for Serie A glory? I'm in!

Shaun Botterill/Getty Images

If stories emerging from China are to believed, both Inter Milan and AC Milan could be on the verge of a takeover from the far east.

With Aston Villa's progressing takeover by Jiantong Xia's Recon, Chinese Investors are looking into acquiring 'football real estate' across the wolrd to help boost their country's own emerging scene in the game. So, what better way than to rend AC Milan from the grasp of Silvio Berlusconi than to purchase both Milan and their cross-city rivals Inter and fund them to the top of Serie A?

Simon Chadwick is the Professor of Sports Enterprise over at the University of Salford and has a huge interest in the enterprise offered to football by Chinese consortiums.

So, different Chinese investors are locking down Inter and AC? Hopefully that means a heavily funded, 'forever war' between the two rivals that will help restore both clubs to the top of the game and put Italian football back on top!