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Berlusconi shocks no-one with latest remarks

Casual off-hand racism? check. Bigotry? Check

Marco Luzzani/Getty Images

Porca miseria.

For AC Milan, failing in the league is bad enough, but being owned by Italy's own Donald Trump is a fate far worse than failing to qualify for European competition.

Known best for his 'Bunga-Bunga' parties (where he basically abuses his power to screw as many people as possible whilst likely dressed in satin and wearing a mask - sue me Silvio) and his face that looks like someone dragged necrotic skin over a porcelain dummy, Berlusconi also has a penchant for utter insanity that he deems 'cute', such as the below:


This man was the former Prime Minister of an entire country and man, I feel as a Milan fan that we cannot just let these remarks be something deemed acceptable by the fanbase. We can't choose the powerful man who runs the club, but we can certainly be pissed off with him.