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Berlusconi Publicly States Desire To Sell AC Milan

Silvio Berlusconi has publicly stated for the first time that he is willing to sell his majority share in the club

Marco Luzzani/Getty Images

In the same week that the Chinese consortium will meet with the Rossoneri, Silvio Berlusconi has publicly revealed his willingness to sell his majority share in AC Milan.

The long-time owner of the club was at an organised dinner last week and discussed the potential sale with his hosts. The sale has been an ongoing saga for much of the season, and Berlusconi constantly changed his mind. He reportedly wanted to sell just 48 per cent of of his share earlier on, which jeopardized any chance of selling. Now, it appears as though he is ready to sell 51 per cent to the group, which would give up operational control to the Chinese ownership group. Berlusconi would remain with the club as honorary president (because of course he has to), after signing a negotiation agreement a few weeks ago.

Speaking at the dinner, Berlusconi went on to say, "Would you be happy if I was selling the club to a Chinese group? I want to sell everything to the Chinese, otherwise you could put money into the club because I am not going to spend more".

Reports indicate that if the sale were to go through, one of the first things the group are looking at doing is building a new stadium, while the next--and much more important--step should be a rebuild of the squad.