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Galtioto Arrives in Italy to Broker Milan Sale

Sal Galtioto has arrived in Milan in order to hammer out an agreement with Fininvest that would lead to Milan's sale.

Marco Luzzani/Getty Images

Sal Galatioto, the president of Galtioto Sports Partners, and the representative of the Chinese consortium interested in buying Milan has arrived in Italy with the hopes of closing the Milan sale. Galatioto arrived in Milan over the weekend in preparation of an intense week of negotiations between Milan's parent company Fininvest and the Chinese consortium that he represents.

Galatioto's arrival in Milan is seen as a positive indicator in the negotiations to sell the club, as it is viewed as a precursor to the signing of a preliminary agreement. The period of exclusive negotiation between the two parties was due to expire on June 15, but it has been reported that the window has been extended for another 7-14 days, which is another positive sign that the two sides are heading towards an agreement.

Reports indicate that the two main topics of discussion for Galatioto and Fininvest are the amount of investment in the club going forward, and Silvio Berlusconi's role in the new Milan. In regards to Berlusconi's health situation, it is not expected to have much of an impact on the negotiations, as he has instructed Fininvest to negotiate on his behalf.

Galtioto will reportedly bring up the thousands of emails he has received from Milan fans begging him to close the deal as leverage to show Fininvest how dissatisfied the fanbase actually is, and how badly they crave change.

For anyone interested in "doing their part" Galtioto's email address as listed on his website is  Berlusconi probably doesn't care how many emails Galioto has received, but it's worth a  shot!