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Which players will stay at AC Milan?

AC Milan are hoping to re-sign three more players in the wake of Montolivo, Antonelli and Calabria putting pen to paper. Super Mario, Alex, Mexes and Kevin-Prince Boateng are all out.

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Following the news that Riccardo Montolivo, Luca Antonelli and David Calabria had all penned new deals with Milan, the club are aiming to lock in three more players to new contracts, while Mario Balotelli is on his way back to Anfield.

Cristian Zapata, Gianluigi Donnarumma and Giacomo Bonaventura are all up next in the contract pipeline.

Cristian Zapata's contract runs out in June, and a new contract for him would be the least likely. At 29, Zapata has made 70 appearance for the Rossonerii, but with the team heading into the unknown on both the manager and owner front, expect the contract to be low at best. If a new contract isn't offered, it looks as though Besitkas are interested.

Giacomo Bonaventura was one of the most improved players this season, and ended up with seven goals and ten assists in all competitions, and is was included in the Italy Euro squad this week, one of only three Milan players to be part of the national team.

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Gianluigi Donnarumma, who was thrust into the spotlight when Mihajlovic turned to him at the beginning of the season, is a shining light on a dire season from the Rossoneri. The 17-year-old goalkeeper had a brilliant first season in the red and black, and caught the attention of several European clubs. Re-signing Donnarumma to a long-term contract should be one of the top priorities this season. To lose him would be a huge blow to a team that has had several poor seasons.

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Mario Balotelli is on his way back to Anfield. The 25-year-old spend the season on loan at the San Siro, but after struggling to make an impact and dealing with injuries, he is on his way back to Anfield. Balotelli scored just one goal in 20 appearances and failed to impress Mihajlovic, Berlusconi or interim manager Cristian Brocchi. Super Mario had clearly stated his desire to remain in the red and black, sadly the feelings were not mutual. Balotelli won't stay long in Liverpool, however, as Jurgen Klopp is keen to offload him. The Chinese Super League appears to be the most likely destination.

Alex, Phillip Mexes and Kevin-Prince Boateng are all also out of contract this year, and Silvio Berlusconi has stated that they will all depart the club. Berlusconi has also said that other names will be making their way onto the contract list, it's just a matter of waiting for them, now.