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The Deadly Future of Milan

If Berlusconi doesn't sell, Milan will never, ever be great again.

Marco Luzzani/Getty Images

There were two possible outcomes to Milan’s Coppa Italia match against Juventus. First was that Milan manages to defeat the old lady in an astonishing underdog moment and, thus, end the season on a high note. They would make The Europa League, and maybe even the Champions League by winning the junior competition. Berlusconi could then point to this moment and claim that Milan is headed in the right direction under his belt since after a period of 1753 days Milan would have won silverware.

Any time Berlusconi would be bombarded with pressure to sell the team, he would have illustrated his "successes" with this win. The other outcome of the final was that Milan ends their already terrible season on another low and by doing so provide more evidence that the Berlusconi era is over and that it is time for a takeover by Chinese investors. Fortunately, the latter came true. Winning The Coppa Italia might have given both Milan fans and Milan short term gain, but; Berlusconi needs to understand that Milan needs someone else in charge.

This is the point in Milan’s history in which there are two roads going in opposite directions. Galliani and Berlusconi have come across a sign. The sign reads "turn right for Galliani and Berlusconi" and then it also reads "turn left to end an era." Berlusconi and Galliani need to turn left. It has come to the point in which Berlusconi and Galliani are killing Milan. If Berlusconi holds on to the team for one more year, this losing phase will turn into a downward spiral that Milan will never, ever recover from. It will be the end of Milan football.

Why is this the case? Well it’s actually quite simple. Berlusconi has already twirled around selling the club once to Mr.Bee. After refusing to sell, he promised to pump 100 million euros back into the club. Somewhat surprisingly Berlusconi actually did what he said, but, nonetheless, Milan suffered a seventh place finish as expensive signings *cough* Andrea Bertolacci *cough* rotted on the sideline.

The point is, even with investment, and Berlusconi and Galliani trying their very hardest to bring Milan back to their glory days, they are unable to. They keep thinking that it is still the 1990's, but modern futbol is not their forte. Soccer has evolved, and they have not. It is time for them to put their egos aside and move on.