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Milan almost escape with victory in an incredible clash with Frosinone

What a game!

Marco Luzzani/Getty Images

I know what relegation in football looks like. I'm a season ticket holder at Aston Villa. I know what long-term damage slumps can do to a football team.

That being said, there's only three possibilities for any football club at any time. You can either progress, stabilise or regress. My Aston Villa have regressed over the course of five or so years. My Milan are showing signs of a slump starting to form.

Don't get me wrong, relegation in coming years for AC Milan is a horrifying exaggeration, but it's always on the cards for any team, all it takes is a terrible run of form and a feeling of helplessness within the squad. There's no status quo at any level of football anywhere in the world. Leicester City are 1 point away from proving that.

It's not all about fight. Frosinone took the game from AC Milan at every point. They put three goals past the Rossoneri.

And now they are getting relegated to Serie B.

After a Balotelli missed penalty, it was easy to throw this match away as yet another wasted opportunity for victory and yes, it still was - but Milan certainly took their chances as the match went on.

You don't get what you deserve in football and this match was the perfect example. Milan came from 3-1 behind to draw with the now relegated Frosinone. In fact, they hit the bar with the final kick of the game, inches away from stealing a win. I seem to get the feeling that Milan have stolen more points than they have earned this year and that won't continue.

A Menez penalty, an Antonelli overhead kick and a Bacca goal secured the points for the Rossoneri today, but luck always comes for you eventually.