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Milan falter in Coppa Italia dress rehearsal

Juventus soundly beat Milan as the European dream vanishes.

Marco Luzzani/Getty Images

We knew the end result before this match even kicked off.

There's no way the Rossoneri can beat the Bianconeri. No chance in hell.

A.C. Milan managed to prove us right as they faltered against a resilient Juventus, a team that fully deserves the Serie A title that will surely be claimed at the end of the season. The game was underlined by two great performances from goalkeepers at opposite ends of their respective careers - the legendary Buffon vs the young Donnarumma.

Milan almost got off to a great start and would have, if Gianluigi Buffon wasn't in the Juventus goal. There's a reason this man is the best in the world.

Milan jumped in front after Alex thundered in a terrific header to give the Rossoneri the lead in the 17th minute of the match.

Who'd have thought that was possible? You may have even been fooled into believing that Milan could have hung onto the lead after Donnarumma spared Milan from falling to a Marchisio effort.

Not to worry, Milan got right back on track via falling to a GIANLUIGI BUFFON ASSIST. An absolute peach of a route one ball fell to Mandzukic and Donnarumma could only watch as it rolled into the net. You can't complain when you get beat by the best...

Mario Balotelli once again showed his immature side as he failed to follow up on a shot, instead choosing to deliberately handle the ball in an attempt to score. He can consider himself very lucky to have stayed on the pitch.

Milan fell further behind after failing to deal with the always dangerous Paul Pogba. It was unfortunate that the ball bounced the way it did, but that's football and that's what happens when you need to win.

There you have it. Milan lost two - one to The Old Lady in an eventful match that will likely be repeated in this year's Coppa Italia final. There's pretty much no chance the Rossoneri qualify for the Europa League this year, which might be a blessing in disguise.

Milan do need to rebuild and build a team capable of seeing out matches. They lacked effort against Atalanta and desire against Juventus, and will have to look to themselves to break out of a five-game winless streak. No training retreat will save them next time.