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WATCH: An amazing tribute to Cesare Maldini

The A.C. Milan social team have truly knocked it out of the park

A.C. Milan legend Cesare Maldini sadly passed last Sunday and the tributes have been non-stop(deservedly so).

But the Rossoneri have truly taken their tributes to the next level with an emotional tribute video to their legendary hero.

I can't really sum up the video in words, so please watch it and share it. This amazing production deserves all the eyes it can get. The powerful piece scored by Einuadi is pretty unique and proves what we said earlier this week.

Maldini can never be forgotten. Not now, not ever. Four hundred appearances for Milan crowned by becoming the first Italian to ever lift the European Cup, Cesare repaid the Rossoneri's faith with silverware and success. Thanks to Cesare and his family, Milan are immortalised in European footballing history. There's simply no greater honour than that.

Cesare was survived by his son, another A.C. Milan legend - Paolo as well as his grandson, Christian.