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In memoriam: Cesare Maldini

A.C. Milan legend, Cesare Maldini has passed away at the age of 84

Dino Panato/Getty Images

The sad truth of the world can be summed up by one quote.

'This too, will pass'

That quote applies to the good times as much as the bad.2016 has already claimed many giants of culture from the musician David Bowie, to the actor Alan Rickman. Football also has known that grand toll, with the legendary Johan Cruyff passing away in late March.

Today, the children of Milan will mourn another. Cesare Maldini has passed away.

One can't quite find the words to summarise this as well as Milan's very own twitter feed, but I'll have this to say.

They are wrong. Like words on a book or scribe upon stone - Cesare Maldini's accomplishments will live forever, not allowing themselves to fade or even be lost. Maldini was the first Italian to lift the European Cup. Cesare was witnessed by the Milan faithful on over four-hundred separate occasions. He claimed four Serie A titles for the Rossoneri.

These pages of history can't be lost, they simply cannot. Teams such as Leicester City will soon find out that once you win a title, you can't ever lose it. It doesn't just go. It can't pass away, it can't succumb to a battle with cancer. A league title, an accomplishment - that lasts not just for that year, it lasts forever. Not a soul who follows A.C. Milan can ever forget those achievements, those same honours which immortalise Maldini.

Cesare Maldini is already remembered with flesh, blood and footballing ability. His son, Paolo achieved more than enough to step out his father's shadow and cemented his own legacy in red, black and Azzuri. Cesare's grandson, Christian is currently signed with Milan's youth team and may be able to secure the same if he works as hard as his predecessors did.

Whilst it is still a sad occasion, do not weep for Maldini. He achieved everything he wanted to and not only that, he helped his son achieve even more. Milan and the world at large, can never forget that.