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Will AC Milan announce a takeover today?

A board meeting and AGM are taking place today, meaning an official announcement about a takeover could come sooner, rather than later.

Marco Luzzani/Getty Images

I happen to support the two teams which have the most elongated takeover sagas in history.

Thankfully, one of those teams - Milan - might have a new owner arriving shortly and no, it's not the mysterious Mr. Bee, who has floated around, behind the scenes of all of the previous takeover rumours.

ESPN have reported that a 'historic change of ownership' could take place as soon as today.

Silvio Berlusconi is set to take centre stage at the annual financial results announcement where a statement could be expected on the sale. Now, this meeting would take place at 4PM Central European time, which would mean a reveal could be made in the next five or six hours regarding the future ownership of the Rossoneri.

Now, this could be a case of putting two and two together by ESPN, but it was previously revealed that the gentlemen behind the Alibaba group could be the consortium that helps restore A.C. Milan to the pinnacle of Italian football.

A.C. Milan would cost any prospective owner the sum of €720 million. I've got precisely €124 euros and I wouldn't value Milan much higher than that. It just goes to show the ridiculous amounts of money lying behind the game like a Mediterranean version of The Wire.