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Menez scores as Milan stumble to loss against Verona

Menez scores and De Sciglio suffers a horrific injury as Milan fail to impress.

Pier Marco Tacca/Getty Images

*Please be warned that there is a pretty gory photo of Mattia De Sciglio's facial injury below the Menez goal.

After embarrasing and offending the entire damn world last week, all Milan had to do was not sell out before today's match with Verona to impress everyone watching.

Saying that, I'm so glad there wasn't a repeat of the Haka. Actually, I wish there was. I really do wish the Rossoneri had went all out in some kind of bonding ritual, you know - that whole 'warrior dance' to pump themselves up before the match? At least that would explain it away. But no, it was shallow cultural appropriation forced upon them to sell face cream.

Face cream.

Speaking of beauty products, the handsome Jeremy Menez bagged an early goal to give Milan the lead. Some say you can define the best striker by flair, technique or finishing, but being in the right place at the right time can't hurt. Menez got onto the end of a rebound and placed it in. It'd be unfair if it was happening to Milan...

Mattia De Sciglio would pay the price for the Rossoneri's luck with a pretty horrific facial injury. It seems as though Mattia's face was torn at and his ear pierced. Look away NOW if you are eating or are sensitive to such images. The injury happened off the ball, but it seems Mattia received a stamp on his face.

Thank you to the Reddit user GrapeDrink1 for the above image. That's your cue to get over and upvote him for his bravery.

The second half was thrown out of the window by Milan who gave away a late penalty and also managed to concede with the final play of the game.

On the day Juventus, Milan's Coppa Italia opponents, secured the Serie A title, Milan managed to present a team that couldn't have been further from the style of the Bianconeri. Things need to change within this squad as they just cannot apply the pressure needed to win matches.

On to Frosinone, where the Rossoneri might achieve the unthinkable and actually see a game out.