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The Rossoneri start off Carpi game with intolerance and cap it with stupidity

A point is a point!

Marco Luzzani/Getty Images

Despite the result, AC Milans match up against Carpi will be talked about because of what happened before the match.

Before the kick-off, the Rossoneri decided to break into a half-arsed Haka routine. That in itself is no issue. The Haka is commonly used outside its original cultures as a bonding ritual or a source of common spirituality. In this post-digital age, it's common for cultures to blend. We're so connected and can read all about the experiences of others. We can find out each others history and what it means to be a human being in all four corners of the globe.

That being said, this stunt is nothing more than downright shoddy cultural appropriation. You shouldn't commercialise another culture, ever. Especially if you're an Italian football team with a dodgy owner.

The Haka does not exist to sell Nivea products.

Aside from that, Riccardo Montolivos stupidity almost cost Milan the game. In fact, it would have if Donarumma wasn't there to save the day. Again.

Another slightly tepid display kicked off with insensitivity and crowned with stupidity.

You'll get there though Milan. Hopefully.