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Alessio Cerci Is Back On Social Media With A Vengeance

Cerci returned to social media with an Instagram post clearly directed at Milan fans who forced him into exile in January after a wasteful and costly performance in a defeat against Bologna.

Marco Luzzani/Getty Images

Alessio Cerci is back on social media to throw a bit of shade at Milan fans who bombarded him with verbal abuse after a particularly atrocious performance against Bologna in January, where he missed a golden opportunity to give Milan the lead. The Italian winger bore most of the blame for Milan's defeat in that match and faced a barrage of insults on his Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts, forcing him into social media exile.

Now on loan at Genoa and buoyed up by his match-winning assist against Empoli last Sunday, Cerci re-emerged on Instagram to thank the Genoa faithful for being 'true fans' -- a not so subtle jab at Milan supporters.

I am back on Instagram to post this photo today, a nice Sunday with a win for Genoa, because I have to thank the Rossoblu fans, who are true fans, the ones who give you back the desire to never give up.

Cerci seems to be really flourishing at Genoa -- a team that is five points away from the relegation zone -- and can boast of scoring an inconsequential goal against Milan in the second half of the season. But let's not be fooled by a few decent performances, or think that he's all that different than he was a few months ago. The truth is that no matter how high and mighty he thinks he is, Cerci pales in comparison to the player he was in Torino a few years ago, and that once the real lethargic and disinterested Alessio Cerci -- the one who Milan fans grew to dislike -- shows himself for Genoa, he will have wished that he kept his Instagram account closed.