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Chelsea set to steal A.C. Milan starlet

Donnarumma is being scouted by Chelsea FC in what seems to be a saga developing between the two clubs.

Marco Luzzani/Getty Images

The heir to Italy's legendary goalkeeping throne seems to be the young Gianluigi Donnarumma.

Unfortunately for A.C. Milan, Donnarumma doesn't have to stay in Milan to fulfill that legacy. The UK's Evening Standard are reporting that Chelsea is circling around Milan's youngster in the hope that he may replace the possibly outgoing Belgian shot-stopper Thibaut Courtois.

There's no doubt that A.C. Milan value Donnarumma highly, but Chelsea will want to offer a 'realistic' fee in order to lure the young Italian away from the San Siro. There's no way that Milan will accept, meaning this rumour could be dead before it even begins. Expect Milan to accept no less than $11 million for their future and current keeper.

It's almost ironic, but this move might seem to some as a warning shot fired by the Londoners as Milan are trying to lure away the man who seemed to be heading to Stamford Bridge, Antonio Conte. That is only a theory for the paranoid, however as the talents of both manager and player are clear and any club would be happy with Conte as manager and Donnarumma between the sticks.

Don't be cheap, now, Chelsea!