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Where will Zlatan Ibrahimovic end up? Not at Milan!

Berlusconi admits the club cannot compete with clubs outside of Europe willing to throw everything (including the kitchen sink) at Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

Claudio Villa/Getty Images

According to several reports online, Silvio Berlusconi has shut down any chances of Zlatan Ibrahimovic returning to the Rossoneri, admitting the odds are "non-existent".

"It is impossible to bring back Ibrahimovic. Zlatan is receiving offers from China and the UAE that we simply cannot match" - Silvio Berlusconi talking to Tele Radio Stereo

The Swedish International looks to be leaving Paris-Saint Germain when his contract expires at the end of the season, and while Milan fans may have remained hopeful, the odds of him re-sigining with his former Serie A club appeared slim best. Zlatan had a rather successful stint with the Rossoneri between 2010 and 2012, scoring 56 times in 85 appearances in all competitions and quickly cemented his status as a great within the club. His departure in 2012 was unexpected and left fans reeling. A return would have been the cherry on top of a brilliant legacy the Swede has woven for himself, and would have helped Milan out of the depths of their mediocre seasons of late with his commanding leadership presence on and off the field.

Unfortunately for Milan, the sort of price that it would take to lure Zlatan back to the Rossoneri is one they cannot afford, with Berlusconi himself stating that the club cannot compete with the likes of China and the UAE, two leagues which have the ability throw ridiculous amounts of money at players.

The final nail in this story is that Jennifer Wegerup, an acquaintance of Zlaten stated that the Swede will 'absolutely not be returning to Milan'.

There are also suggestions that Ibrahimovic could also make his way to the EPL with Manchester United considering an offer for the enigmatic forward. It's the international break, and that means rumours aplenty, so take everything with a grain of salt, but don't expect Zlatan to be back in Milan anytime soon.