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16/17 Milan Home Jersey Leaked

It's a doozy.

The reveal of new football shirt designs is always a treat for supporters and kit nerds such as myself, and that's why I am especially delighted to share the leak of the supposed 16/17 Milan home shirt, made by Adidas.

Following in the new 'armpit stripes' template of the upcoming Adidas jerseys, AC Milan's shirt also features a nifty and unique design at the bottom of each of the red vertical stripes which spits in the face of Nike's disgustingly unique attempts which we will see in force at EURO 2016 (I won't even link you to those travesties).

With a famous design that's impossible to change, Adidas have certainly added a modern tone and slightly invigorated the shirt and I, for one, cannot wait to see the Rossoneri line up in these and will be even more delighted if these feature in the Europa League, which AC Milan are chasing. Do us proud, Milan and get these shirts out in front of the toast of Europe!