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Remembering Johan Cruyff: His Sole Appearance For Milan

Johan Cruyff sadly passed away yesterday, here's a look back at the solitary time he lined up for the Rossoneri.

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Legend of the game of football, innovator, inventor of the majestically simply 'Cruyff Turn' and purveyor of 'totaalvoetbal', Johan Cruyff has passed away aged 68 following a battle with cancer.

Whilst the 'Dutch Master' made his name playing for Holland, Barcelona and Ajax, he would rather oddly, turn out just a single time in the black and red of A.C. Milan.

As reported by Gazzetta, Cruyff played for the recently relegated Rossoneri in an exhibition match against his rivals of old, Feyenoord. It was decided that Cruyff would turn out for Milan by those in charge of Milan and Cruyff's club at the time, Ajax of Amsterdam.

The spectacle would finish 0-0 and Johan would meet with Milan once more, this time around managing his Barcelona, who were soundly defeated by Capello's Milan in the 1994 European Cup final.

"He was a Dutch icon. He belonged to us all." - King Willem Alexander of The Netherlands

Whilst Johan truly belonged to those who followed Barcelona and Ajax, as well as the Dutch people, he also belonged to the Milan faithful if not for forty-six minutes. Johan gave the world at large a gift, and that can never be forgotten.

Thank you, Johan.