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Milan's Got 99 Problems, And Jeremy Ménez Is One

The Frenchman showed alarming signs of insolence during Milan's match against Lazio, and that's something Milan cannot ignore.

AC Milan v US Alessandria - Tim Cup Photo by Marco Luzzani/Getty Images

Houston, we have a problem. That memorable quote may as well be Milan's slogan at this point. Here's another: Se metti una mela marcia nello spogliatoio può infettare tutti gli altri. Those words were once spoken by Silvio Berlusconi about yup, you guessed it, Mario Balotelli. One bad apple spoils the whole lot.  However, while most Milanisti may be fixated on Mario Balotelli's spell of poor form and petulant attitude, it seems that the real rot in the spoglatoi could be Jérémy Ménez.

The Frenchman has missed a major chunk of the season due to injury, and his return has not been what fans had hoped for. His attitude on the pitch has been alarming since his return, with a brief respite in the match against Alessandria. The situation took a turn for the worse after Sunday night's match against Lazio. Ménez had to be forced by Siniša Mihajlović and his staff to ready himself for substitution and showed no interest in the proceedings. The situation did not go unnoticed. Two of the team's stalwarts, Ignazio Abate and Christian Abbiati, used their post-match interviews to send their teammate subliminal messages. If the shade thrown is any indication, the rest of the group will not tolerate such behavior.

Most would expect a completely different approach from a player who has been sidelined for six months due to injury, and who turned down lucrative offers from Chinese clubs during the transfer window. However, Ménez  has just been disappointing so far. He played the hero last season under Filippo Inzaghi's guidance, but the club should strongly consider shipping him off if the situation does not approve.