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Chelsea and AC Milan to provide grand opening for new Minnesota Vikings stadium

A.C. Milan join Europe's elite in 2016's International Challenge Cup and will open up the Minnesota Viking's new stadium before the eyes of an expectant North American audience

Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports

Pre-season tournaments aren't usually of any importance at all. Something to dismiss and not take seriously.

That's about to change, with this year's edition of the International Champions Cup as the cream of Europe travel over to North America to tour the country in a tournament that takes place mere weeks before Europe's biggest leagues kick off for the 2016/17 season.

AC Milan will not only be taking part, but they will also enjoy a unique moment, shared with Chelsea FC as they open up the new stadium of the Minnesota Vikings on the 3rd of August to partake in a match that will also be the first major event at the new U.S Bank Stadium in Minneapolis.

The Rossoneri will also battle Bayern Munich in Chicago on the 27th of July before clashing with Jurgen Klopp's Liverpool in Santa Clara on the 30th of July.

Leicester City, Barcelona, Celtic and Real Madrid will also participate in the cup, among others. A breakdown of the competition can be found here.

Milan are at this point veterans of the ICC scene, having appeared in all previous editions of the tournament and despite it being a pre-season trophy, it's something that will bring European football over to the many followers of the sport in the States who regularly stay up way past normal sleeping hours to watch teams that delight as well as disappoint. How can that be seen as a bad thing at all?