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Leaked List of Individuals in Chinese Consortium Purchasing Milan

With assets of €1 trillion, Milan should be back on top in no time.

AC Milan v SS Lazio - Serie A Photo by Marco Luzzani/Getty Images

Finally, Milan fans have an idea of the future owners of their team.

On December 16th, the news agency ANSA revealed the individuals of the Chinese consortium that are expected to take over Milan. It’s important to note that Sino-Europe Sports, the name of the consortium, is supposed to release the “official” backers on the date when Milan is expected to be sold on March third of 2017. Also, the leaked list consists of nine individuals and two of them are expected to drop out.

The list exhibits a phenomenal amount of wealth that, according to various media outlets, possesses assets totalling €1 trillion.

One of the companies involved is Huangshi Zhongbang Sports Development, a company in the sports sector, with over €500m in the bank and around €1.8bn in assets. They are known for their role in constructing stadiums- something that Milan is craving after the previous plans fell apart.

The next investor is the Jilin Yongda Group, which operates in the field of industrial electronics, energy, chemistry, metallurgy, and transport. The company has total assets of 1.3 billion dollars.

China Industrial Bank Asset Management are also on the list, and they are worth a whopping €780bn with revenues of nearly €42 billion. The Bank of Guangzhou and China Zheshang Bank are also investors, possessing hundreds of billions of dollars in assets between the two.

Lastly, China Hearing Asset Management, Jinge Investment Management, Rentai Investment Changxing, Haixia Capital Management, and Sino-Europe Sports chairman Yonghong Li make up the list.

With this amount of funds and backing, Milan should catapult themselves to the forefront of international recognition, inciting an era of immense success.