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Alessandro Nesta Wants Milan To Stick With Sinisa Mihajlović

The Milan legend is of the belief that a change in mentality, not the coach, is the key to turning things around for his former side.

Maurizio Lagana/Getty Images

It's not uncommon for former Rossoneri to weigh in on the club's current state of affairs. Newly appointed Miami FC manager and former AC Milan defender, Alessandro Nesta, believes that the Rossoneri should have faith in coach Siniša Mihajlović. Speaking to La Gazzetta dello Sport, Nesta backed Mihajlović as the right man for the job at Milan.

"The problem for the club is not the coach" declared Nesta when asked about Milan’s string of coaches. "The blame always seems to lie on the coach, but here the coach is always changing and the situation remains the same".

Mihajlović’s tenure at Milan has, so far, seen him outperform both Seedorf and Inzaghi. With a 55 percent win percentage - his best-ever as a manager - Mihajlović is trying his hardest to return Milan to the pinnacle of Italian football. With Milan sitting in 6th place and eight points off league leaders Inter, Nesta believes that Mihajlović can possibly lead Milan to fight for a Champions League spot (though a Europa League berth is more realistic at the moment).

For Milan to weather its current crisis, Nesta has called for a change in the club’s mentality. Nesta believes that "thorough scouting and trying to find players before other clubs" is the key to Milan’s success. Milan must continue to develop a strategy where bright prospects from the youth system can break into the main team and stay at the club for the long haul.