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Mr. Bee Saga Continues: Details of Milan Sale Could be Out in Two Weeks

Could the potential deal finally be coming to fruition?

Silvio Berlusconi could announce details of Bee Taechaubol's potential investment in two weeks.
Silvio Berlusconi could announce details of Bee Taechaubol's potential investment in two weeks.
Pier Marco Tacca/Getty Images

Details of Bee Taechaubol's long-desired investment into Milan could be presented in the next two weeks after a supposedly successful meeting Wednesday, according to La Gazzetta Dello Sport.

The details will be confirmed by Milan and financial holding company Finnivest owner Silvio Berlusconi. The two sides have reportedly reached an understanding on the percentage of stakes being sold and at what price. They still need to determine the number of representatives each side will have on the club's board of directors and how to get Taechaubol involved in Milan's dealings immediately after the deal is confirmed.

Taechaubol, known as "Mr. Bee," met with Finnivest leaders in Arcore Wednesday. According to Gazzetta's report, both sides feel good about the direction the discussions are heading in after a meeting of more than three hours.

Mr. Bee reportedly expressed desire to purchase a majority stake—51 percent—in the club, but Finnivest remains steadfast. If the deal goes through, it would most likely be for the 48 percent stake originally proposed. Taechaubol would pay 480 million euros.

This is the most progressive information Milan fans have heard about the potential deal in months, possibly since the beginning of the saga. It once looked like the deal was going to be finalized last summer. That didn't happen. Then reports suggested Berlusconi wanted to announce an agreement in late September on his birthday. Again, nothing happened. The potential deal would give Milan deeper pockets, which would be beneficial in the transfer market starting this summer. Mr. Bee also wants to grow Milan's brand in Asia, potentially bringing in even more money for the club.