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Serie A Like/Hate Ranking: How Do Milanisti Feel About Their League Foes?

We're conducting a scientific inquiry to assess how Milanisti feel about the rest of the Serie A. Who do we hate the most?

Are there any Milan fans who don't hate Inter?
Are there any Milan fans who don't hate Inter?
Marco Luzzani/Getty Images

There are some teams Milan fans instinctively do not like among league rivals. Most of the hatred is reserved for Inter, but other clubs have earned the disdain of Milanisti throughout the years. Looking at you, Juventus.

We want to know how you feel. Inspired by Black and Red United's MLS Hate Index, this is our Serie A Like/Hate Ranking.

The idea is simple: thumbs up for hate. If you like a team, give them a thumbs down to push them towards the bottom of the list. This doesn't mean you're necessarily a fan, but that you enjoy watching that team play, or want them to do well, or are largely indifferent to that team. If you hate - or at least dislike - a team give them the thumbs up to move them to the top of the list of teams we hate most. The list is published in alphabetical order, but as votes come in, teams will move up and down in the ranking. If your vote impacts a team's position, this awesome interactive chart - created on Ranker - will let you know.

This is the first of many rankings we intend to compile throughout the year. Feel free to share any requests about lists we can do with players, teams, coaches, etc. in the comments below or by sending us a tweet.

Now, tell us how you really feel! Feel free to make your reasoning known in the comments, too!

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