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Galliani: Balotelli Has 'Changed Radically' in Milan Return

Milan's CEO is overwhelmed by the 25-year-old striker's seemingly new attitude, as Balotelli tries to turn over a new leaf.

Marco Luzzani/Getty Images

Mario Balotelli returned to Milan last week knowing this could be his last chance at success with a big club. The striker's attitude has often gotten in the way of what could be an incredible career.

Milan CEO Adriano Galliani said as much upon Balotelli's return. The Balotelli who is back at Milan on loan from Liverpool is a new-and-improved version of the 25-year-old Italian, in Galliani's opinion.

Galliani told Sky Sports Italia Balotelli has an improved attitude, and he seems to be dedicated to improving his self-image as a player and person. Compared to the way Balotelli carried himself in his first Milan stint from 2013 to 2014, Balotelli has "changed radically," the Milan boss said.

"He's the first to arrive at Milanello and the last to leave," Galliani said. "(Milan manager Sinisa) Mihajlovic often wants the players to have breakfast at 8:30, and he's always there before 8."

Balotelli's first stint at Milan was arguably the best stretch of his career. The former Inter and Manchester City player had 30 goals in 54 matches, the best rate of his career at any of his four clubs.

It appears working with Mihajlovic and being back at Milan have been good for Balotelli. He did not feature in Milan's 2-1 win over Empoli last weekend, but he will likely feature in Milan's third match of the season, the first Milan Derby of the season against Balotelli's former club.