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It can't get any worse than this! Milan loses 0-3 against Napoli

Mattia De Sciglio decided to enter in the record books with his early red card (only 42'' from the beginning of the game) and Milan was forced to play 10 against 11 for more than 90 minutes. Things couldn't get worse than this tonight.

Diego Lopez saves the penalty kicked by Higuain.
Diego Lopez saves the penalty kicked by Higuain.
Giuseppe Bellini/Getty Images

There's almost nothing to say about that game, Milan deservedly lost another one but this time they lost it with the "addition of special effects". Mattia De Sciglio decided to make things interesting committing a dumb foul on Lorenzo Insigne just after 42" and that costed him the fastest red card in Serie A history (the previous record was 50") and a penalty kick, fortunately saved by Diego Lopez (the best player on the field for us).

Then one of the most boring first halves I've ever seen: except for Bonaventura's header, both teams never made dangerous plays during the first 45 minutes. That's because Milan tried to defend with the entire team looking for some counterattack and Napoli were not able to play the ball with poise and accuracy because of the lack of quality in their midfielders and defenders.

The second half was extremely better for them, extremely worse for us. We tried to defend the draw with a classic "catenaccio" helped by some great save by Diego Lopez, but this opposition lasted only 24 minutes when Bonera's (who else?) inaccurate clearance gave Hamsik the opportunity to score with a precise shot near the post. After 4 minutes Gonzalo Higuain redeemed himself scoring the 2-0 with a powerful shot and two minutes later Gabbiadini closed the game with a backheel goal on a deflected ball.

Under 3 goals to nothing, Inzaghi decided to reward the young Felicioli sending him on the field for Bonaventura:

Throwback moment now: do you remember the last time a team coached by Rafa Benitez scored 3 goals in 6 minutes against Milan? Istanbul 2005, Champions League final. Is it destiny?

It was a tough game to watch, arguably the toughest, because we almost had no chance to win or to make things difficult for Napoli. It's hard to blame anyone but Mattia De Sciglio for tonight's poor performance, but there's still the impression that we could've played better despite the extremely difficult situation, at least before Napoli's first goal.