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Palermo-AC Milan recap: finally we won two games in a row!

Milan won the second game in a row for the first time in 2015 thanks to Menez and Cerci!!!

Cerci after scoring his first goal for AC Milan
Cerci after scoring his first goal for AC Milan
Tullio M. Puglia/Getty Images

We all thought we would never see AC Milan win two games in a row for the rest of the season and we were, fortunately, wrong!

We won an important game in a difficult stadium where we always struggled to get a win (AC Milan won only once in Palermo since 2006) and now we can really hope to reach an Europa League spot.

It was not a spectacular match and we didn't see a lot of quality plays, but we finally saw the whole team run like the first games of the season and that's a good news. Many players seemed in a better physical condition than they were recently and this was the reason why Palermo couldn't outplay us in the last 20 minutes of the game like we saw in other situations - even though Paletta tried to blow that victory away (he caused a penalty on Belotti then scored by Paulo Dybala).

It was the classic 2015 AC Milan match: Palermo planned to cover their half trying to steal or intercept the ball and then run with the counterattack thanks to Belotti and Dybala's speed while Milan had to keep the ball, make ball possession and attack with slow maneuvers. Fortunately for us, they missed a lot of good chance during the game and that helped us to play with more calm.

But the most important thing about this match is

Screenshot classifica apr 4, 2015

Standings on Apr 4, 2015. Fiorentina, Juventus, Empoli and Sampdoria still have to play.

Yes, Europa League is not so far from us!

It will be a game to remember for Alessio Cerci who scored his first goal this season and especially his first with a red & black uniform! For that reason here you can find some photos of the match

Full time: #PalermoMilan 1-2, goals by Cerci and Menez!Fischio finale: Palermo-Milan 1-2! Reti di Cerci e Menez!#weareacmilan

Posted by A.C. Milan on Sabato 4 aprile 2015