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"BASTA"! AC Milan loses the second game in a row after an awful game against Genoa

Curva Sud sent a clear message to the management: "BASTA", "stop it" in English. The team responded with an awful loss to Genoa, 57 years after their last victory in San Siro.

Curva Sud message to the team today: "BASTA".
Curva Sud message to the team today: "BASTA".
Maurizio Lagana/Getty Images


Curva Sud send this brief but strong message to the team, the coaching staff and the management just before the game but it looked like it didn't worked well. The fans are tired of this instability, lack of transparence and poor results on the field and they tried once again to show their feelings peacefully but incisively.


The analysis of this 1-3 loss against Genoa (they last won in San Siro 57 years ago) is so much easy to make that I'm scared to say anything about it but I'll try anyway in a synthetic way. What did we learn from this game?

  • Milan never had a real chance to win this game
    Despite the usual high percentage in ball possession (56%) and completed passes (83%), we left the keys of the offensive maneuver to our opponents and they were not scared to attack our defenders with rapid one-two plays, dribblings or shots from outside. In effect it wasn't a case that their three goals began from one on one situations.

  • Milan don't have a real idea about how to play together
    It's sad to say, but it's true: we don't have any tactical idea. As we've seen often during the season, tonight our game was made from a lot of long pass without a target, backward "safety" passes - without sense on a 0-1 situation - and "random" volleys in empty areas of the midfield. We completed 83% of our attempts, but we could have been better if we've had the courage to play faster. We're not build to play slowly, it's not a surprise we've struggled with this kind of football so far.

  • Our defense sucks (except Diego Lopez, he's the best player in the team)
    There wasn't anything easier than Bertolacci's goal, he dribbled all our defense and escaped from an embarrassing sliding tackle by Rami like in FIFA15 before kicking the ball beyond Diego Lopez.

I've just said a lot of things we read or heard before, but that's our situation and it's necessary to keep repeating this kind of things.


A few things that happened just after the match against Genoa.

Our coach, Filippo Inzaghi, will probably be fired tomorrow and will be replaced by the Youth Team coach Christian Brocchi until the end of the season. This is clearly a short term solution caused by the lack of results during the whole season and (maybe?) some incomprehension with the management recently, but it's rather obvious that we're going to wait until late June or early July to know something more about AC Milan future coaching staff.

Silvio Berlusconi and Bee Taechaubol were meeting in Arcore while Milan was losing against Genoa. It seems like the actual owner is pretty satisfied about this meeting and their really close to a definitive deal. Many sources tell about a € 500m offer for 51% of AC Milan company.

There's nothing worse than an uncertain future when things are not going well, but we're still hopeful that everything's going to be better sooner or later.