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Is this the time to sit and wait until the end of the season?

Another disappointing loss in a disappointing season.

A thoughtful Pippo Inzaghi.
A thoughtful Pippo Inzaghi.
Giuseppe Bellini/Getty Images

Saturday afternoon it didn't end in the way we hoped. Udinese won the game with a 2-1 result but what was most disappointing about this game was the lack of ideas AC Milan had during the game.

61% of ball possession with 82% of passing accuracy (on 473 total attempts) look like two great stats that would imply a great win - something like a 2-0 or 3-0 - but that's not the case because we succeeded in deservedly losing such a game. How is this is even possible? Without shooting the ball towards the goal, of course. The answer seems obvious, but not with this ball possession stats and this is what scares me the most. Udinese shot 21 times (5 on target) against our 6 shots (only 1 on target) and created a lot of dangerous situations for Diego Lopez and our defense. This is the result of a good counterattack philosophy that forced us to make a lot of horizontal passes (242 on 473 total attempts) and miss a lot of them, giving them a chance to begin their counterattack.

After a season of unproductive ball possession, poor play and bad defense, what do we have to do? Just sit and watch that awful show until the last game of the schedule. Thanks to Sampdoria's bad moment we're still not mathematically out from the chase for the 6th place - the first Europa League spot - and we're, optimistically, not so far from them but it seems very unlikely reaching that position within the end of the season.

The best - or worst, it is all relative - thing is that now the rumors about Berlusconi selling the majority of the society to the Thai investors are more and more frequent and that makes the AC Milan environment even more unstable because of this uncertainty. I'm afraid we're not going to see a lot of good football until the end of the season there will be a lot of concern about the future of the society, the management, the coaching staff and the players.

As I said before, all we can do is sit and wait until it's all over, hoping for a happy ending for our AC Milan.