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Happy Birthday Ricky!

The "baby faced" Ricardo Kakà is becoming adult. Happy 33rd birthday Ricky!

Back in 2006.
Back in 2006.
New Press/Getty Images

I'm not used to post this kind of things, but I think that we can make an exception for a red & black legend like Ricardo Izecson dos Santos Leite, better known as Kakà.

We loved him in during his days in a red & black uniform because he's been one of the classiest players - on and off the field - we've seen in our recent history and because he was part of one of the brightest moments of AC Milan.

Snapshot Kakà from youtube 1

Ricky and Pippo celebrating the "FIFA Club World Cup" victory in 2007.

Kakà Snapshot youtube 2

"Happy like a baby"

Kakà snapshot youtube 3

2007: Kakà wins the "Ballon d'Or" award. The best moment of his career.

Then the transfer to Real Madrid, where he struggled to find space in the starting XI due to injuries and a very high level roster in his role but he was able to show his skills even in that uniform.

Then the return in red & black.

Kakà snapshot youtube 4

The return: Kakà comes back to Milan in 2013.

Kak snapshot youtube 5

Milestone: his 100th goal in a red & black uniform.

I'm sorry for the low resolution of the photos, but I hope they'll be enough to relive these beautiful moments.