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How do we spell "AC Milan" in Chinese?

As reported by many newspapers, Berlusconi is selling 75% of AC Milan to a group of Chinese investors.

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Claudio Villa/Getty Images

We read a lot of rumors about Silvio Berlusconi selling AC Milan, but this time it seems we're not far from it. As reported by many websites and newspapers, he's selling 75% - so the majority share - of Milan to a group of Chinese investors (you can find the Italian version of the news here) among which the Chinese government.

THE DEAL - The selling price will be approximately € 1.5 billions but the deal will be official only in a few months because there are still some details to refine. The new investors are trying to make football a popular sport in China, aiming to make their national team a major world power, and what's better than buying the most popular football team in their country?

THE FUTURE - We don't know whether there will be changes in the management: Silvio Berlusconi is asking to keep his daughter Barbara as CEO but there's no news about Adriano Galliani and his future role. The only certainty about AC Milan future so far is the sponsorship with Fly Emirates expiring in 2019/2020.

Berlusconi is meeting the investment group in the next 24 hours so probably there will be some more news soon.