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Seventh Place is the target

Apparently seventh place is good enough for Europe

Gabriele Maltinti/Getty Images

Adriano Galliani might finally be going full-senile now. The Vice-President has told the Milan players to aim for a seventh place finish, the last European spot according to him. Problem is that the last Europa League spot for Serie A is sixth on the table.

Here's what he said: "With Verona it finished 2-2, it wasn't a great game...hat said, 40 seconds from the end we were winning, and if we'd won the critics would be kind. You players need to cut out those 40 seconds that cost the goal against Verona."

He went on: "We have 12 games in which we have to do as well as we can. We have to play them all as if they were head-to-head confrontations."

"Before us is the goal of seventh place, which means Europa League."

So there's that. The year's been so bad that no one even knows what the target is anymore. We started off hoping for a Champions League place but after the first few games, it was evident that the aim should be lower. Injuries and unfortunate circumstances meant that winning alone was hard to come by. Now things are so out of control that we're aiming for imaginary European places.