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Love doesn't exist

Friedemann Vogel/Getty Images

Alexandre Pato might do a damnable thing. History is littered with traitors. Brutus, Judas, Jezebel, Paul Revere. And now it could be adding a handsome, lovable Brazilian with curls that untangle like life's problems on a Friday night.

You all felt the pain when he was kissing and hugging everyone goodbye. I did. I cried along with the One Direction song that Milan had chose for the video. But all that might turn to hate, the worst of emotions, if he does what he's insinuating:

"Inter? They're a great team, In football, one never knows."

I'm happy that Pato is doing well in Brazil, and finding his form and fitness again. And while the circumstances of his departure were murky. There's absolutely no need for this kind of nonsense and these kinds of threats.

There's nothing at Inter but pain and mediocrity. They're not a great team and you do know in football. You can just say no. Don't you dare do it!