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Suso wants to play

The 21-year old is pleading with Pippo for playing time

Marco Luzzani/Getty Images

You may have remembered that Milan bought a midfielder from Liverpool recently. You may have seen him. Well, on the bench or wandering the streets of Milan having an existential crisis since he's hardly on the field. You may remember Suso.

Now, Suso, like all players wants to play. And recently he's been adamant of it. He scored twice against Reggiana in a friendly over the weekend in a performance littered with his usual tricks, dribbling and incisive passing. It was a wonderful performance that deserves plaudits and a rightful reward. Suso is hoping that the reward is a start or at least some game-time against Palermo this weekend:

"I hope I can play. As I've always said, I'm at the Coach [Pippo Inzaghi]'s disposal.

"This is an important stage [of the season] to be playing, and I want to feel important."

Pippo may be reluctant to use new personnel at this stage of the season, considering how critical the next few games are for Milan's European dreams. But it would be great to see some time given to the youngster. At least to develop him for the future. It will be hard considering the other creative players ahead of him though.